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The MMORPG of the future. No human interaction is required. All the boring, tedious elements of popular MMORPG's such as Everquest are removed.
by SenorDingDong September 13, 2003
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1. n. A satirical game where the only player input is race and class selection, and starting stat rolls. The game consists of a windowed collection of all the finest aspects of a role-playing game, and progress bars to represent various aspects of your character, with no purpose other than to give the player the comfort of "watching their numbers go up" without so much as lifting a finger.

2. v. To reach a point in an RPG where achieving any goal is simply a matter of following an algorithmic process.
1. See

2. "If I cast these mad buffs, this broken DOT spell, and hit this guy six times with my sword, he dies. Then I repair my EQ, rest, and he respawns. I get all these fatty lootz, and my numbers just keep going up!"
"Way to go, man. Sounds sort of like Progress Quest."
by dangerCake March 28, 2005
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A game where no human interaction is required, except for choosing your race, class (doesn't really matter what you choose) and starting stats. Oddly addicting.
Person 1: She's playing... Progress Quest...? But she's at the bathroom!
Person 2: That's right.
Person 1: She's at the bathroom!
Person 2: I know that. Requires no interaction whatsoever, but I prefer you do some shit while playing.
Person 1: Oh...
by MisaTange July 14, 2010
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