A thing that doesn't exist anymore.
The government is always trying to find new ways to invade our privacy to the point where it is impossible to not be watched.
by Dubiks October 29, 2018
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space to your self with out your annoying siblings.
I wanted to have privacy so I went to go into my room with noone and be alone without my annoying siblings because I had enough of them
by jimiu December 7, 2017
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me: Do you know that tiktok takes info from your phone and gives it to china?:
someone: Yeah, privacy isn't a thing there you know!
by huawei man May 29, 2020
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something that Tokio Hotel don't have.
They need privacy.
by zimmer483 October 12, 2011
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What was violated by the Patriot Act, and is now going to be violated in the near future by the National ID... that's right folks, you won't be able to hop on a plane without getting red lights shoved in your eye.
Read it and weep. America is becoming the place for advertisements, pornography, and a complete lack of privacy.
by ~The Nameless One~ June 4, 2005
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any thing behind tint is our business. leave the us alone.
may not stop for police because it is our freedom from human kind to be entitled to privacy.
by miamidolphin23 June 21, 2019
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