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The anal cavity of a convict, used to store valued possessions like drugs and weapons. Keistering is the fine art of stashing and withdrawing items from the prison wallet.
How'd he get that shit past security?
Easy, he just stashed it in his prison wallet.
by K. Washington July 26, 2016
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The anal cavity of an inmate, so named for its ability to smuggle valuables into a prision or stash them for safe keeping. Due to "recreational activity" prisoners often leave with a larger prison wallets than when they arrive.
Prison life bound to be dull, but due to years of fisting the convict managed to bring 3 kilos of smack and a boombox in his prison wallet.
by Cuntoleezza Rice February 01, 2007
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rectum. Used in smuggling contraband into a facility or moving contraband within secure areas of a facility. Also simply as "wallet"
C/O: When Hoskins comes in from the work detail, take him to medical for a cavity search. I hear he's packing dope in his prison wallet
by LT McGunn June 27, 2011
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where prisoners gang members keep things they want to keep safe IE up there butt
i keep my money in my prison wallet. i got to get it out of my prison wallet
by rudedog April 20, 2009
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