Antacid/Calcium supliment. Used to treat upset stomachs, heartburn, acid indigestion. 10 calories, 3g of sugar, 800mg of calcium, 10mg of sodium.
Child: My stomach hurts so bad :'(
Mother: Here, take some tums!
by katieiswow May 26, 2008
Tums is nickname of the word 'Tummy (Stomach) which is also known as belly.
His tums is small se than his father's tumse.
by RudeBoySharma January 20, 2020
Dude I gave that chicks some tums last night!


Yep she was like I feel it in my belly!
by Phantom Twilight January 7, 2009
The stomach. An alteration of "tummy".
Poor Junior, he was crying all day because his little tum-tum was upset.
by HX2 December 23, 2008
Tum Tum is one of the six members of the rap group DSR or the dirty south ridaz from D-Town Dollas Texas, He is known for rockin tha D-Town shagg haircut, people that don't know about real hip hop think he rocks a booty haircut.
by TRAP TRAP TRAP March 15, 2009
a rapper from d-town...(dallas texas)...known for his screwed and chopped freestyles with DSR (dirty south rydaz) the infamous dallas booty haircut, and nicknames: tum tum laden, tum zilla, tum teezy, double t..
that nigga tum tum be wreckin
tum tum made that one song, caprice musik
by jonathan turner October 12, 2007