(v) Having sexual intercourse.
"Cause a nigga like me'll lay plenty of pipe" -- Ice Cube (I'm only out for one thang).
by VAKI5 October 23, 2003
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To engage in coitus or sexual intercourse; to bone.
I only lay pipe to dimes.
by Cut Quanta November 27, 2002
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I lay pipe with all the lonely bitches while their husbanz hard at work.
by Nickotine May 29, 2005
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Refers to the act of pooping, specifically a turd that makes contact with the bowl from back to front - similar to the action of laying sewer pipe.
"I hadn't shit in three days so I really needed to lay pipe."
by Jack December 24, 2004
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the act of putting in infrastructure for future boning. to set the ground work for a potential hook up down the road.
Dude, I really need to lay pipe with these girls this weekend, then next weekend we can bone them.
by boomboomroom555 February 22, 2010
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I don't know where everyone else got there definitions for laying pipe. However laying pipe is simply fucking the hell out of a girl.
Will;what are you doing this weekend
Guy;probally laying pipe to my girl.
by William Waldrep June 3, 2005
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