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'sup bro?' 'sapenin brev?
by misssexy! May 08, 2005
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an abreviation of the word brethren, manily used in chav and townie cultures this term has a veriety of uses, including pisstaking.
f**king sweet brev!!
by rennaz February 13, 2008
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The term "Brev" originates from a slightly socially awkward boy in his early twenties.

Some characteristics of a "Brev" are listed below:

•Falling in love with the first girl that texts him back

•Sporting a borderline monobrow

•Slowly gaining weight every time you see them

•Displaying unhealthy levels of attatchement to a partner or apple product, exceeding whipped.

•Someone who consistently at the receiving end of top quality banter

WARNING- avoid being a Brev at all costs
Why are you being such a Brev?

Why are you such a Brev all the time?

You look like a Brev.

I have no respect for you, you're such a Brev.
by 191otleyroad November 21, 2013
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Also known as "pulling a brev" this word means that you talk a lot, very loudly, and don't share anything of yours. If your pulling a brev, get your head out of your a** and do something about it cause it will eventually make you so ugly, people will want to avoid contact with you. These are the kinds of people who also draw the dicks on desks randomly everywhere you go, gives them bodies and eraser heads with faces on them and laughs.
FRIEND 1: Your friends really acting like a brev right now.
FRIEND 2: I know, he been such a joke lately, he's an asshole.
Hey can I have some of your chips?
*he stares at you blankly* no.
Joe, are you pulling a brev?
*he stops and thinks, then looks at you* yeeaah.
by The Stuffinator Knowhow February 27, 2015
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"Good", "bravo" in Italian Romagnolo dialect.
Something your grandma'd say when you ask for onother bowl of pasta.
You: Nona, t'am fe' un piat ad taiadeli sé sug?
Grandma: Brev!
by The Hungry Mutant January 19, 2018
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