A small town along Rt. 3 in Upstate NY, which is commonly mistaken with Saranac Lake, which is a different town altogether. Also known as 'That place where people eat rocks and are basically Canadian.'
"Dude, where you from?"
"Lake? In Upstate NY?"
by -Zoop~Whoop January 15, 2013
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a little hick town where drinking everynight is a norm. home of some good marijuana. lots of drama goes on. most kids will never get the chance to leave the town when they are older. many star high school athletes think they are gods, but really are worthless now. if you are looking for someone, theres a good chance that they are at Shues adk bar and grill. its population is around 5,000 but thats mostly old people or waste of lives. in the winter it is one of the coldest places in the nation. in the summer its one of the most fun places to be. going up the lake for days is the best. the fall has one of the best folliage and the spring doesnt really exsist its just mud season. friends stick together and a group of them together will take on any group of kids when they are trashed. its a place like no other
lets go to Saranac lake and get fucked up

show me some SLove
by get er in ya January 6, 2007
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Is a small scenic town in the Adirondacks where snow can fall four feet in one night or not at all for months. The town provides possibility for anyone to leave. As it is so far north, those who want to adventure out and see the world will. While others stay and enjoy life as they have always known. Saranac Lake in any season is as precious as a painting by Monet, captured in wild colors giving wilderness life on canvas. With long winters the possibility of never seeing the sun on a summers day feels endless, but in the end the sun will show. It's a place where people from all over the world come to see the change of leaves and engage in an experience of a winter wonderland. By any other definition Saranac Lake would not be as it was, and is not defined by the people but by the beauty and possibility it provides.

saranac lake, slove, sl, skank lake, slake
by jarden February 12, 2008
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A small, meth and heroine infested town, located in the heart of the Adirondacks. A self proclaimed “city” with a minuscule population of about 5,000, Saranac Lake is home to some of the biggest sore losers in the adirondack park. Going as far as burning monuments down when they lose a football game. You can find local kids at the tony park skate park they constantly talk up tossing needles around like candy. Saranac natives are famous for their smug demeanor and the ability to huff their own farts and love the smell, as their shit cannot stink. They usually never leave town as the outside world is too freighting, needing to stay in a sheltered environment is key for their success. It’s well known that Saranac laker’s, much like old royal families, tend to keep it in the family for “pure” bloodlines. If you are ever looking for some great crystal meth its the place to be.
Saranac lake local: hey do you want to go down to the skate park and shoot up?

Saranac lake local 2: Oh yeah man you got any spare needles? i used my last few at the carousel last night.
by Keepingitreal69 October 10, 2021
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