Cheap-shit clothes shop in Britain. I bought two shirts, some socks, and some boxers all for £20. The people in there all seemed to be named after places like Savannah and Michigan.
I went to Primark today and didn't have lots of fun.
by Paracetamol 500mg September 23, 2006
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A cheap department store in the UK. Sells almost anything you can think of.
Means Good Quality in Swedish.
I went shopping in Primark today.
by Kalpski March 21, 2007
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A cheap shop, depending on what part of Britain you go to, not advised to go to one around London, lots of chavs, yet for a pair of woman’s jeans it’s £15... that’s up north... so? But yeah there’s a lot of chavs
“Ya know that shop primark bro”
“Yeah innit cheap tho”
“Smells like my granny’s back car the innit
by Miyaoni January 6, 2019
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It’s a shop that is great to get cheap clothes shoes and makeup from but it’s good quality
Susan: have you been to primark it’s the best shop everrrrrr

Rosie: no but I’ll check it out
by Tommyboyyy August 29, 2019
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a cheapo british shop full of pushchairs, queues and angry people demanding refunds for '1 pound 50'. There aren't enough changing rooms and there are always clothes on the floor. The staff never look happy but i don't blame them!
ahhhhhh man, my 2 quid primark shirt just shrank in the wash
by heyheyaz April 18, 2006
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the ultimate chav shop
so fucking cheap
sweatshop made
good if u wanna be a chav
chav 1 : iinit shud we go shop bruv?
chav 2: yea innit were?
chav 1: primark were else?
chav 2 : i no rite...
chav 3: i love primark!!!
by primarkhater October 20, 2011
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Girl born in 2005 who looks orange,wears excessive make-up and has an insane love for primark. Most often found in blackpool. And will have an extremely english name and herritage. Most often a white tanned girl. But exceptions apply.
by Megawang99 August 11, 2021
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