Beacuse people saying "that's pretty gay" is offensive and just annoying so, my fellow lgbtqqiaap people let's create "That's pretty straight"
Idiot homophobe: That's pretty gay dude.
Awesome member of the lgbt+ community: WeLl ThAt'S pReTtY sTrAiGhT dUdE!
by HamShaBam March 20, 2020
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commonly used by like middle school boys, baller is used as an adjective. can also be used in a joking manner. basically a synonym for cool.
PERSON A: i heard that we’re gonna blow some stuff up in science today

PERSON B: ah that’d be pretty baller man

PERSON C: look at these shoes *shows picture*

PERSON B: that’s pretty baller man
by dawn mason February 10, 2021
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McGee, one who is good at destroying things, but not as good as the Mighty One; One who says things that sometimes scare people; One who makes a "Tardy" out of several people; Master of "Two Man Enter, one man leave, Ring RING!"; See also Mega
Mega gave head to McGee, The Pretty Much OK.
by Marcus April 18, 2003
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I*ana is a tiny Person. You can nearly see her.
She is the size of a 1st grade Girl. But beside that she is a really pretty and really funny person!
Whenever u see her u have a smile on your face! But she do is really tiny. She loves books. And she is a Scorpio and as a Pisces I love Scorpios. And her music taste is incredible.
P1: „omg That tiny pretty girl is litrally so gorgeous!“
P2:“she looks like the pretty Scorpio bookworm I bet her music taste is good!“
by Leopeolalala April 16, 2021
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a person who is viewed as attractive with foreign implication, such as having foxy eyes or different skin color

it can also be taken as an insult for not matching common beauty standards
She’s not pretty but, exotic pretty, if you know what I mean.
by fuckhighscool137 May 23, 2022
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You and I will always be back then...
Lol remember our first met?
Yeah-I mean that until now we're a pretty loop.
by March 11, 2022
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