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Alanna is an amazing person. She is very intelligent and she has beautiful curly brown hair and beautiful eyes. She also has an amazing butt! Every guy drools over her when she wears yoga pants. She has a great singing voice but most people don't know that. Alanna is the most trustworthy person you will ever meet and will never let you down. She is amazing and will give you the best advice ever. People often take her for granted and don't know how much she's been through. She may have been through a lot, but she doesn't take it out on other people and is there for everyone. Alanna does not judge or discriminate people. Alaina is the best friend anyone can ever have and is a boy magnet! Every guy wants her but can never get the courage to ask her out. Alanna is all around gorgeous.
Did you see Alanna, doesn't she look so damn fine?!
by turtleguy1339 July 13, 2018
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Alanna's are by far the most unique person you will ever meet. They believe in sporting thier own special style, mixing a bunch of colors, patterns, and jewerly. Alanna's are relatively quiet until you burst their bubble. Then they become crazy maniacs! It may take a while to get to know this person as they aren't comfortable. So start spending time with them. You'll never regret being thier friend because thier loyalty is there until the end. They stick up for thier friends and are there any time any where.
They're very delicate with everything they do; from finishhing projects to eating. Taking much time to complete things.
Alannas pop out at you at any given moment, so be ready!
person 1: "wow, did you see that girl?! gahh, she's so pretty."
person 2: "I know. she's such an Alanna! I wish I was brave enough to be like her..."
by ladyybugs100 May 09, 2009
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The best girl you'll ever meet. She is beautiful on the inside as well as out. She may not be the first girl to catch your eye, but is defiantly the wakyest and funniest in the room. When you get to know her, she will make you amile everyday. Alanna is one of the best people to form a relationship with, because she will never let you down or betray you. She has the most beautiful eyes, like that of a cows. Big brown and you can easily get lost in them. If you get a chance to meet her, take it she will change your life.
Dude 1: hey did u see that girl?

Dude 2: yah, Alanna is so smart. I wish she was my girlfriend!
by Padme* October 25, 2017
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a beast woman, extremely athletic, and a super hard worker and will strive for anything that she wants.
alanna is so fast!
by Chick-fil-A sauce June 16, 2018
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Derived from the Gaelic/Irish word for beautiful (which is álainn) *Sorry guys it's NOT British at all*, a name used to describe a beautiful but bright woman.

Also commonly used as a pet name for a girlfriend/fiancee/wife in Ireland.
"That's my Irish Alanna"

"Holy shit, she's def an Alanna"

"Smart and pretty? Watch out man, that's an Alanna right there."
by irelandforever March 25, 2009
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