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Every day is Rusev Day.

Today is Rusev Day
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by Rusev Day February 22, 2018
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/rusev deΙͺ/

1. Today.

2. Every day of the year, marked by a glorious celebration of life, completing difficult tasks in 8 seconds, and chanting RUSEV DAY as loudly as possible.

3. An international holiday, celebrating the victory of WWE Superstar Rusev's defeat of Randal Keith Orton in 8 seconds.

4. Tomorrow.

5. An outpouring of love -- celebrating the talent, humor, strength, and charisma of a human being, most likely but not limited to Rusev.

6. The name of the international anthem of "Rusev Day," often sang with immense passion and enthusiasm, created by WWE Superstar Aiden English.

7. Yesterday
To celebrate Rusev Day, I bought you this T-Shirt! Happy Rusev Day!
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by Doctor Language P.H.D. May 06, 2018
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Rusev day is a day celebrated everyday. Rusev day is named after wwe Bulgarian wrestler Rusev.
Tevin: You know what day it is today?
by Runningchips May 05, 2018
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