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Preksha is a person who will always be by your side whatever happens,she is sweet and lovely, but only to those she believes in and trust.At first sight a Preksha will seems to be mysterious and introverted, fortunately if u dare to adventure in a preksha's world and dreams u will disvover much love,fun and craziness.What a preksha needs is to be understood and supported,dont lie to her, a Preksha handles truth like no one. Btw Lets not forget that a preksha gives out an attractive aura and is fucking hot and amazing. BE CAREFUL A PREKSHA CAN GET GET BORED EASILY IF NOT TREATED WELL AND CAREFULLY!!!
kid1: dayumm boy u see that thicc chick walking by!!

kid2: have some respect bitch thats a Preksha,its a fucking treasure, shes needs some legit time, love,care and attention bro!

kid1: thats some maintenance required here.
by ALIMATRIX July 28, 2019
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An extremely gorgeous, smart anf funny girl girl. The total package. Whoever gets with her is madd lucky
Kid #1 - yoo who that girl.. she mad fly

Kid #2 - haha, yo give up man.. shes Preksha.
by The One January 02, 2005
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She is the definition of beauty. She's cute, she's pretty, she's smart. She'll have a small circle of friends and she'd do anything for them coz that's how caring she is. A little picky with everything she likes, she has logic for all her choices. She deserves the whole world, and whoever gets her is one lucky lucky man.
You know how your eyes twinkle and shine, it's almost as if you're a Preksha.
by tanmayxx October 05, 2019
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