a pregnant chick, type of porn
that prego is huge and ready to pop
by big johnny July 9, 2002
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In Italian, "prego" literally means, "I pray," but is usually used to indicate, "You're welcome."
Situation 1:

"Grazzie, Signore/a." (thank you, sir/madam)

"Prego" (as in, your welcome)

Situation 2:

"Prego!" (as one would offer a seat)

by Slikker February 16, 2007
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All I buy is Prego spaghetti sauce, whenever I cook Prego.
by Saints October 16, 2003
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a girl in atlanta who doesnt know what a condom is
I fooled around with a girl not knowing she was a prego
by Anonymous February 13, 2003
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pronounced "pray-go" as in the spaghetti sauce, translated "it's in there!" Source: do a search for prego spaghetti "it's in there"...
Woman (pointing to trunk of car): Did you remember to pack the Trailblazer?
Man: Prego!
by apple-o August 1, 2003
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a girl that shows signs of being pregnant, but not actually being pregnant such as peeing a lot, constipation, tiredness, nausea, vomiting, etc.
"I have to pee."-girl
"i'm not pregnant."-girl
"seems like it. haha." -guy
by a monkeys uncle August 30, 2009
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