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You've heard of "lego my eggo",but now you have "prego in the vagego". The meaning, as stated by a girl at General mclane high school, it is to be impregnated by a male genitalia into the women's genitalia creating a baby, this making the women pregnant.
I think I just became prego in the vagego.
by Preggyvagy January 2, 2018
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Raging over things while being pregnant. Particularly on Facebook or other social areas where more people than one's your significant other (who signed up for that shit) can see.
Wife - "Those fuckers sent a crib with a defect and only gave me a 25% credit?!?! I should complain to my husband so he can straighten this shit out. No, fuck that, I'm going to just post how angry I am on Facebook so all my friends can be just as miserable as me!"

*Posts it on Facebook, tags husband*

Everyone at work the next day, to husband - "Dude, you're wife is prego-raging hardcore."

Husband - "FML"
by ThisIsHowItIs February 23, 2012
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