Mostly associated with females however also seen in males, preening is the act of trying to make oneself more attractive to a potential mate or person of the opposite sex.

A common preening technique is straightening of clothing or flicking of ones hair.
More showy forms of preening would include metaphorically wiping dust off ones shoulders showing they are smooth commonly seen in some men trying to impress.
Dianne saw an attractive guy sitting on the park bench

Guy looks up at her
Dianne instant ly reacted by preening herself, flicking her hair before walking past the guy
by Mudekdek October 2, 2017
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To judge or view/stalk someone or something
Omg why are you preening my posts all the time
by Kikibomb October 6, 2018
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A child around the age of 10/11 who is trying to act like a teenager - wears teen clothes, makeup ect.
"Ewwww, i hate preens, they suck"
by Starlett March 19, 2003
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Shortened name for a pre-teen who is especially annoying or pre-teenish. Or can mean any pre-teen in general.
Middle schoolers are generally all preens.
by J. Walt October 13, 2007
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Bastardized form of the word Preteen--used to refer to someone who's being a teenage douchebag.
Man, that girl's acting like such a preen with her boyfriend.
by JP May 8, 2004
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when females partake in the use of marijuana smoking, particularly, when only in the presence of other females. smoking is often accompanied with other feminine activities such as eating chocolate, painting nails, watching chickflicks, etc. word origin: pretty + greening.
S: What are you up to tonight, homegirl?
I: Oh, me and the gals are going to be preening. Care to join?
S: Sure! I'll bring a romantic comedy.
by sharmina December 10, 2010
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also applies to any teenager who tries to act like one, but whose parts haven't started working yet
Look at that preen flirting it up with those girls! They must be a foot taller than him!
by Alex March 19, 2003
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