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Pranav, Is The Name of a person usually from indian origin. The Best Quality about a pranav is That they Will Never Cheat On You, They Are One Of The Sweetest Guys Around And Are Extremely Loyal. A Man Of This Name Will stand Up to anything to defend His Beloved Ones. They Are Strong And Cute People, Althought They Tend to get angry easily, they do Not be angry for long.
They Are Extremely Chivalrous People. Respect The people around them and their opinions.

They Are Good Sports Persons and Also have a lot of satisfying power.

You Can be close to one and feel wonderful and protected all the time.
Pranav Is The Best Boyfriend/friend a girl can get.
by sarah997788 July 09, 2014
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A Pranav is a cute Indian boy who makes your heart melt. He is sweet, kind, funny, and makes you feel bubbly inside. He makes you laugh when you cry, he makes you happy when you are mad or sad, and he lets you be you. He is one of the greatest guy you'll ever meet. He has your back no matter what, will never back stab you, and he will love you for you. He always makes you smile and you know you can count on him. He is the cutest guy in the room. He has a love for animals and a love for being kind. He is just amazing. Guys like a Pranav are pretty hard to find, so once you find him, hold him close to your heart.
Girl 1: He is the kindest boy, and he is a great boyfriend.
Girl 2: What is his name?
Girl 1: Pranav.
by pandanoise April 02, 2017
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Tall studly man of Indian or South-East Asian origin who makes a great friend.
Always loyal, he's even better in bed then he is at sports.
OMG, Pranav just rocked my world last night.
by SStxspecialst December 06, 2009
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A cute Indian boy with a long dick and large nose.
Wow, Pranav is someone I would probably want to marry if I weren't in a relationship.
by SamanthaK96 May 16, 2017
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He's da best bruh. Why are you even looking at this. Spend your time wisely by hailing him.
-I am so lucky to know him!!
by Dats me yo June 14, 2017
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bursts of hyperactivity interspersed with merrymaking and meetings
Yeah .. today was a real pranavish day. No need to hit the gym now ..
by abhishekc August 05, 2005
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A guy with small penis, large nose, and LOVES to FUCK his dog. He once fucked his dog as bragged about it. He enjoys Biology and talking shit about people who can't catch.
Damn, bro he pulled a Pranav. He fucked his dog and then bragged about catching on a short ass nigga.
by JamiesUFHS'19 December 11, 2018
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