Prada me - proud of my self
I'm so prada me just made my first M
by Young yamz December 19, 2018
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A person who wears post it notes as eyelashes and acrylic nails and lip syncs to the song High Fashion. They act like they are worth more than your entire life savings.
Omggg is it ok if I call you Prada Bae?
by nini4989 February 27, 2020
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It means the person is a hoe but your bae. You don’t want the person because they a hoe
The boy I talked to yesterday is my Prada bae
by hsbebejjah December 10, 2020
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Someone that wears long nails long eyelashes and prada
by Chopbnk November 30, 2020
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Being Bougie Hot or extremely trendy and ahead of their time.
Did you see what Roseanne wore to Prom? That ish was Prada Fire!!

Dugan's rolled up in to spot in new kicks and dem were fire, Prada Fire!!!!
by T Rock From The Block November 12, 2019
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A handgun you build. Can be a type of ghost gun. Similar to a Gucci Glock but using a polymer 80 frame.
Is that a Gucci Glock?

Nope, its a Prada Poly80.
by Jesse "bin" Macn November 17, 2021
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A person who dresses in very expensive clothes but still manages to look like a skint hipster or your average basement dweller.

An upmarket version of what poor people look like.
- I can't believe Allen actually paid 400 bucks for that ripped torn hoodie.

- Yeah, he's so Prada poor.
by Suntoryboss June 19, 2013
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