Someone that wears long nails long eyelashes and prada
by Chopbnk November 30, 2020
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A male transvestite or pre-op transgender's scrotum.
Of course it was a tranny, didn't you see her prada bag?
by Jude Butt March 11, 2009
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A Gangster who wears the name brand "Prada"
wow that man is a Prada-G

I wish i could afford to be a Prada-G

My father is such a Prada-G
by therealpradag December 26, 2011
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a freetard gurl wearin decked out prada.
yo, mamma miriam u wearin prada, u a prada gurl.
by mattytatateyo November 4, 2003
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have you heard the new the devil wears prada cd?

yes, that shit is tight yo
by Derek S August 19, 2006
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have you heard that new the devil wears prada cd?

hell yeah i did! two minutes into the first track my head exploded from the sheer awesome-ness.
by veegz August 18, 2008
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