Asserting your dominance via an action you take.

Ex: Sitting in your step-fathers recliner when you go to visit.
Damn Gavin, you’re pulling some power moves today.
by G Ride December 8, 2018
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Making decisions and carrying out plans to further your standing both socially and financially.
"I moved to the city and bought an apartment and increased my portfolio"
"Damn, you been making power moves!"
by sadatnz April 3, 2006
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Establishing dominance or situational hierarchy by performing a specific action upon someone or something.
Top 3 Power moves:
1. Ball-counter ownership claws.
2. Yawning throat finger plunge: establishes complete dominance over (someone).
3. Factual arguing: uses facts given in (someone's) argument to prove said person wrong.
Jeff put his balls on Ron's counter which is one of the sacred power moves, so Jeff is now the rightful owner of Ron's house.
by JohnLocheTheFifthCourt March 8, 2019
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An action meant to greatly and purposefully inconvenience oneself for the sake of demonstrating self worth by toughing through it.
“Taking down your own battleship is one hell of a power move.”
by 91000volts March 16, 2018
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A move which requires you to inject yourself upon a situation as to inconvenience everyone else involved, or to show your power over the situation. Especially when not required.
John crossed the road even though there was no crosswalk, just to make all the cars slow down. - Power Move
by The Real Rob Himself July 23, 2010
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when a guy pushes his girlfriend's head down towards his own crotch as a subtle hint for a bj
You try the power move on her yet?

Yeah, she threatened to give me the tooth.
by Ned K August 26, 2008
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Not wearing a bra under a low cut top at the office

Wilhelmina: Oh... Power Move!
by jfkjunior October 9, 2012
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