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To defecate in a speedy and forceful manner. To do so in such a way that the shower of water thrown up by the turd's impact creates a mini-bidet of sorts, removing the necessity of wiping.
by Nate M2 May 19, 2008
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n. The forceful, violent, sudden expulsion of a considerable amount of fecal matter. "Power shit" generally (but not exclusively) relates to diahhroea. Upon taking a power shit, spray paint is often the outcome.
Damn, Frank had a huge gut cramp so he snuck into his neighbor's yard, went into their RV and took a major power shit. I think he was afraid to make the mess at home. It took his neighbor an hour or more to clean up the spray paint.
by Frank Klaune April 16, 2005
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To defecate with such extreme force and vigor it renders one completely fatigued, yet very euphoric. It usually results in the entire bowl being coated a healthy brown. Such causes involve White Castle, grease truck food, college dining hall food.
Oh damn man I dont know what the fuck I ate but MAAAAANNNNNN was that a good powershit!!!
by EricH April 19, 2005
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Verb; a shit one takes before doing something important; a motivational or inspirational bowel movement; usually rapid.
"I took a power shit before that interview and I landed the job!"
by SEspos February 10, 2012
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Shitting when in a hurry. Forceful expulsion of excrement.
A technique developed to save time when doing other more important activities and shitting is neccessery.
I was late for college so i had to have an early morning powershit.
Julie was very busy running her company so she had to power shit to save time.
That was a good powershit.
He powershits
we powershit.
Powershitting saves time.
by Myroslav Happy Lastowiecki November 16, 2007
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1)When a person takes a shit so hard or fast that they think the toilet bowl is going to explode with their shit.
2)When a person shits in an exceptionally short amount of time.
Wow, when I was taking a shit, I felt the toilet rock like there was an earthquake.
DUDE! You just had a power shit!

man that was some power shit you came out of the bathroom in 2 min
by T-Beast January 18, 2009
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