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When a turd is ejected forcibly by gas into the toilet water, spattering water on the butt.
"I had a splashdown, and had to wipe my ass all over."
by townsick May 04, 2010
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It happens in the middle of the night when you wake up with a massive dookie pain, rush to the bathroom and don't notice the toilet seat is up. A bare butt hitting cold water at 2am usually causes the person to yelp loud enough to wake everybody in the house.
Julie: "Eeeee-ahhhh!"
Kelly: "What happened in there?"
Julie: "You left the freakin' toilet seat up again! I had a splashdown!"
Kelly: "I bet you're awake now."
by SirJigglesAlot May 23, 2011
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An event which may occur anywhere from a mans middle age to his elderly age. Upon sitting on the toilet the mans nut bag hits the toilet water.
Boy am I getting old. My ballsack hit the toilet water this morning...

That's called a splashdown Bob.
by Chaos_Elite January 17, 2017
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When 2 mens/womens butts accidentally press together in a locker room after both have taken a shower.
Mike: Dude, after my shower I was bending over to grab my boxers and my butt hit some other dude who just got out of the shower
Phil: Oh, so you had a Splash Down
by Jewsky Brewsky July 28, 2010
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A babies due date or more specific the exact moment when the waters break and shit gets real
No way , didn't know she was pregnant so whens splashdown ?
How long now until splashdown ?
by Lolly14 January 30, 2015
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(1)when you have the shits so bad that the turd-el-wave splash the water out of the t-bowl
(2)The jet of water that shoots up your ass when you launch a rocket off in an airport bathroom.
dude I think I going to need a mop to clean up the SPLASH DOWN from dropping the Hershey bomb on toliashima
by notandrew September 18, 2007
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