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An advanced cat from the future. Someday they WILL invent an even greater number than the #1 and even that will not encompass that which Pouncer wheels in is piggy pinky kitty toe.

While Easily found in the snow, impossibly hard to spot in the dark, or almost so... in a dirty pile of clothes.

Number one in your heart and always on your mind.

'Hey there pouncer your a real cool cat, you got a lot of this and you got a lot of that. Shits going down, he knows where that's at. Theres treasure to be found, he knows where its at. You've lost your car keys, he knows where they're at. You think you have to sneeze, he knows about that. feeling kinda PHAT he knows about that. Boxed fruit drinks, yea he did that. Sliced bread, the Ov glove, post-its, the catalytic converter, breath right strips, those plastic things on the end of your shoe, TRU love, the value meal, hip-hop music, popping and locking, wearing the ball cap backwards, combining shampoo, conditioner and body wash all in one, the bendy straw, the funny bone, doggy style, bi-focal, the bronze age...yea...POUCER DID THAT.
Person A,"My hair feels so clean, yet I still feel so dirty"!!!
Person B,"Why? Did Pouncer wash it"?
by TRadG June 21, 2012
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