This is a nickname for an amazing friend.
Dinky's are always there for you, no matter what. Sometimes they are hard to understand and can be a little grim, but thats just part of who they are. They still have unconditional love, support, and good advice to give whenever you are in need. They are the type of people to study patterns, so they know exactly how to make you happy and exactly how to excite you in an instant. Their personality is creative, one with many talents. At times they are very protective and they worry heavily, since they have such a heavy heart and tend to want to take care of you even when they don't take care of themselves. People with this nickname are extremely funny once you get to know them, always cracking dark jokes around you. On the outside they seem chill and laid back, but at the same time they can be crackheads and a complete blast to be around. A person with the name Dinky is hard working, passionate, and determined. They have their lows but once they defeat them they can be on top of the world. Make sure to never piss a Dinky off though. They are smart and know just how to put you back in your place when you act out. They are one of a kind, extremely honest, and just want to help.
Hey Dinky?
I don't feel to good.
Im here. Just relax.
by Jilly.satan.55 September 14, 2019
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Australian's use the word 'Dinky' as a slang, meaning to give someone a ride on a bycicle.

Usually, one person will ride the bike, and the other will be 'Dinky-ing', by sitting on the handle bars, or on foot stools located in the middle of the back tyres.
Josh* grinned at Dan*, "Mind giving me a Dinky ride back home?"
Dan* replied, "Sure, mate, hop on."
by Sheree May May 9, 2017
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Dinky; Dinkiest; dinkier

1. a less signifigant or worse version in comparison to somehing else.
2. It can mean something is “ratchet”, not good, or for poor people.
3. Describing something that is bad giving it a negative connotation.
1. Bro in that hat looking like a dinky cowboy tryna be Pharrell or sumthin.
2. Look at this dude pullin up in the dinkiest car.
3. That weave dinkier than some barbie hair.
by Jadon Caden August 3, 2018
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when you find something cute and small
"omg ur cat is so dinky!!"

"ive got such a dinky toe"
by Sam--Hanley August 11, 2008
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A word gay boys use to describe there sexuality, while not telling other people the meaning.
by Can’t afford ham July 15, 2019
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A vernacular word for the smaller endowed male members. Approximately 3.5 inches or less from the testicle sack to the tip of the penis.
Oh shucks, it's like a pinky only it's supposed to be a dick. You most definitely have a dinky :)
by Suzan_G January 3, 2015
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1) Your house looks dinky next to that mansion, Wilson.

2) One dinky screwdriver is the best you can come up with for a birthday present?
by Diggity Monkeez February 22, 2005
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