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Dinky; Dinkiest; dinkier

1. a less signifigant or worse version in comparison to somehing else.
2. It can mean something is “ratchet”, not good, or for poor people.
3. Describing something that is bad giving it a negative connotation.
1. Bro in that hat looking like a dinky cowboy tryna be Pharrell or sumthin.
2. Look at this dude pullin up in the dinkiest car.
3. That weave dinkier than some barbie hair.
by Jadon Caden August 03, 2018
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when you find something cute and small
"omg ur cat is so dinky!!"

"ive got such a dinky toe"
by Sam--Hanley August 11, 2008
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Mom said not to touch the dinky unless I'm in the bathroom.

"Mommy said dinkies don't belong in the mouth!"
by AMC May 12, 2003
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Australian's use the word 'Dinky' as a slang, meaning to give someone a ride on a bycicle.

Usually, one person will ride the bike, and the other will be 'Dinky-ing', by sitting on the handle bars, or on foot stools located in the middle of the back tyres.
Josh* grinned at Dan*, "Mind giving me a Dinky ride back home?"
Dan* replied, "Sure, mate, hop on."
by Spiro96beliectioner May 09, 2017
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