A deliberate misspelling of the word "poetry" when referring to an event. The word is often used as an ironic display of amusement, either at others' hubris or at poor attempts at dept and wit.
It was originated from George Lucas's explanation about his work on Star Wars: "You see the echo of where all is gonna go. It's like poetry, they rhyme".
>son of two police officers
>biggest repeat child molester in the town

like pottery
by evilton January 2, 2017
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An alarmingly common spelling mistake for "poetry" seen at the deviantART internet community.
omg i am teh heart ur pottery!!!55
by anderskorte June 20, 2005
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1. Relying entirely on sorcery and witchcraft to get your ways instead of finding a nonsupernatural way to get the job done.

Comes from the popular Harry Potter instruction manuals about witchcraft.
1. Don't bother trying to pass the class by asking the queen of faeries for the quiz answers, all she does is practice Pottery.
by Brent Fisher September 27, 2004
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Cindy is such a dumb whore, but she sure can give pottery.

Yo, Cedric, did you get pottery in the stall again?
by Rick aka Flames November 30, 2007
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A type of craft that may lead to dirty talk.

Usualy created pots out of various types of clay
Pottery tips:
Don't touch or fondle the clay too much as it would get hard.
If it's dry, remember to add more moisture. Keep your clay moist at all times.
(pinch pot) widen the hole slowly so it doesn't tear. Rub against the walls to stretch it out. Remember to keep it moist.

Stick your fingers in the hole and add more is it widens. Remember, stretch it slowly so it doesn't tear. Use your fingers with care. Tools could be used.

Stop taking my tools, get your own tools. I still need it to stretch the holes.

Other funny phrases said during pottery:
Pass me a kidney/give me your kidney.
Keep stabbing with the needle
Hollow it out the insides properly
by -peluche- June 14, 2017
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An up and cuming sex move, which takes place between a large male and small female. The move was originally founded by Jolo and Mara in Potsdam, Germany. The female is positioned like a manual pencil sharpener atop a firm pencil. She is then spun around like a slab of clay on a potter's wheel. The ritual is complete when the clay is perfectly decorated and glazed.
Jolo: How would you like to try the Potsdam Pottery?
Mara: What's that?
Jolo: We are about to make history.
Mara: Umm okay.
Jolo: I'm going to make your world spin, literally...
by Gerald 69 February 3, 2013
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The figure, artisanry and craftsmanship associated with the female figure.
Yo, nice pottery, Megan!
by clitschen schoezen August 25, 2014
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