Home of 4000 to 5000 SUNY Potsdam Students who are bitter that they didn't get into the other University in Potsdam, known as Clarkson University. Clarkson University Students enjoy the following: Drinking, Smoking weed, ripping on SUNY Potsdam students, ripping on Towny's, banging SUNY Potsdam broads, banging Towny's, and a small percentage enjoy watching the D1 hockey program that is offered.

Fraternity life is good, as long as you stay away from houses on Elm Street, with the exception of DU, DK, and CROW. There are a few good sororities in town, for the most part, most sorority girls enjoy blowing lines of coke off of each others vagina's.

Potsdam is a great place to make bad decisions with huge chicks and make good decisions with mediocre chicks. Girls here get a three point curve, ie. a 3 point fat chick is rated at 6 points at Potsdam. Girls 7 and above do not exist. The cold air and high latitude will impair your judgment.

Overall, Potsdam is a great place to go unless you enjoy decent weather and good looking woman.
Potsdam, is a classy place to be, if your a girl, and your large.
by George Z. Redford November 11, 2006
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The whitest place in the known universe. Also the gayest place in the known universe. It quite possibly has the largest homosexual population in Northern New York. We can thank the Crane School of music and all of it's well known fudgepackers for this. Every store closes at 5 p.m. The only thing to do in this town is get drunk, smoke a reefer, or masturbate on a flag pole. Do not come here!! EVERRRRRRR If you think massena is an asshole in the ground, potsdam is the dirty sweaty arm pit in a 65 year old fat man. Thank you. Have a good night.
We stopped in Potsdam on the way to Massena for a snack at 2 in the afternoon, and everything was closed. WTF mate?!!?
by Dee Saff Bee Barnes January 28, 2006
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A small in cold as balls new york. The town has a somewhat "modest" or "baring on modest" opinion of itself. This can only be explained by one thing. Beer Goggles. Enough Said.
"Potsdamian"- A Dirty Smelly Ball Sack that is so cold it can be used to create dry ice.
by Liqa Madiqa December 24, 2011
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An up and cuming sex move, which takes place between a large male and small female. The move was originally founded by Jolo and Mara in Potsdam, Germany. The female is positioned like a manual pencil sharpener atop a firm pencil. She is then spun around like a slab of clay on a potter's wheel. The ritual is complete when the clay is perfectly decorated and glazed.
Jolo: How would you like to try the Potsdam Pottery?
Mara: What's that?
Jolo: We are about to make history.
Mara: Umm okay.
Jolo: I'm going to make your world spin, literally...
by Gerald 69 February 3, 2013
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A guy with an unusually large penis who is too protective of it to use it.
Frederick William had a huge weapon but would never take it into battle -- what a Potsdam Giant.
by ChefBoyardee69 May 10, 2010
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West Potsdam is a small town in Northern New York. It’s pretty popular among old people and rednecks. The town consists of a Christian book store a church and a fire department. All located on the same road! The town is most known for its main attraction the “Slab City” intersection. Bring your beer because your going to need it and grab your ice cream sandwitches as for most people in this town order from the Shwans man and have 2 freezers and one is only for ice cream. Normally in the cornfields you can find hicks getting down in the sticks. You may get lucky and spot a Amish buggy a mountain man or a blue collar man of your dreams. (If your into GILFS) because no one under the age of 55 lives in this town. On a good day you will see at least 3 tractors.
I want to vist the famous intersection is west potsdam .
by Daynatrumppp November 29, 2021
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