used primarily in a sales environment

An individual(usually in a position of power)who is unable or unwilling to move forward with new ideas, methods to improve their business or get key decision makers involved because they are stuck in their old ways of thinking; becoming as worthless as a potted plant that just takes up desk space.
"I had a great conversation with Ann today but she's as worthless as a potted plant. She can't even get our proposal in front of her SVP, let alone their CFO."
by Adrian aka "Dr. Green Thumb" November 18, 2008
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Originally a marijuana plant on the desk of a MAD Magazine writer, but is now an avocado plant. Arthur appears in the backdrop of comic strips in MAD magazine to this day, and has grown more and more leaves over the years.
Have you seen how big and legal Arthur the Potted Plant has gotten over the years? ECCH!
by Drewsus Christ January 24, 2009
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A fascinating object, often mixed up with an illegal substance. People with unatural relationships with these plants are call "dehctrophaeiliachs"

these un-natural relationships are similiar to that of the one between steve and a certain preist that will not be named
"what a lovely pot plant"
"dude, is that pot plant talking"
by brother to gf of stoner March 30, 2005
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1. A disease possessed by an individual who joins a group, but does not participate in group discussions; one who does nothing but take up a potted plant.

2. When one contributes nothing to a conversation.

3. One who appears to be an extrovert but appears very introverted when in the presence by others.
1. Every Tuesday and Thursday, Anthony, Anna, Jay-Me and Cody sit at a table and talk.

-Anna, Jay-Me and Cody are carrying on a great, exciting conversation while Anthony does nothing but look on and listen.
-Anthony doesn't do this intentionally, but he is suffering from Potted Plant Syndrome (PPS).
-*He does nothing but take up space.*

2. Janelle: Every time we all get together, Tara never says anything. She just stares.
Sean: I like Tara...but homegirl has PPS.
by Aiden Burrows February 10, 2013
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"You're a plant pot!" - Said by Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher to Chris Martin at the Q Awards.
by BubbleyBubbles February 16, 2006
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When you shit in a girls mouth then stick your dick in as if you are planting seed.
He Stew, I plant potting your mum last night. She didn't even gag!
by matdex August 04, 2009
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Sexual act involving two individuals, one male:

One partner will try and cram the male partners genitals (both penis and testicles) into their mouth, before the penis becomes erect.

Term created in Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan, Wales, UK
Q: "Would you try plant potting?

A: "Nah man, I hate it when my balls get touched"
by jamthecat March 07, 2010
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