I before E, except after C.
And, though I could be mistaken, I don't believe the word is "pceist."
by Jim Nabors is Way Cool May 18, 2004
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by Zlixar June 9, 2004
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A man who commands the respect of the people, until he starts to molest their children.
"A preist was wandering in the fields near his parish when a frog leapt on him and asked for help. The preist was surprised, but being a man of God, he picked up the frog and asked it what he could do to help. The frog told him that a wicked witch had turned him into a frog for some insignificant little sin, and that to lift the curse he needed to be shown kindness by a human.
"So the preist took the frog into his house and fed and bathed him, and tucked him into bed. And when he awoke next to him was not a frog, but an 11 year old boy!"

"And this, your honour, is the case for the defence."
by i_done_no_poo_here April 6, 2004
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A religious man who enjoys molesting children. This type of man attempts to lure young into doing sexual activities with him by telling them they will be rewarded by god.
"Hey little child, the lord wants you to ....... "
by Tyrone Johnson June 30, 2003
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Likes to hang around Macca's playgrounds and take photos of little boys, Particually the Asian and colored ones.
Big fat white alcoholic preist who dresses as a priest and molests little boys.
Likes to Faunicate and touch.
by shamus smith April 25, 2007
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Obviously the anti-christian idiots who gave thier sorry definitions here not only can't spell, but believe the very few (and yes, I mean very. An almost undetectable percentage of priests molest children, but you tools of the liberal media have been tricked into believing lies) priests who do commit these sins are the best representation for the word priest (or preist if you're a moron/mooreon with poor spelling) as opposed to the charitable works, tutoring (many work in education without the salaries of a teacher), pep-up talks and donations to helping the under-privelaged.
Everyone else who defined this word is a tool. I wish you were here now so I could take you out back and kick the crap out of you, before throwing you in a cell with one of those rare priests.
by Gumba Gumba May 27, 2004
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a boy tuching petifile who enjoys and gets sexual plaesure for tuching and fundleing the genitals of prepubesant boys
your a preist? Let me go!!!!
by mike March 14, 2003
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