The state in which you are living like Post Malone; drinking Bud-Light, smoking cigarettes, not giving a fuck, and not remembering any of it the next day.
Dude! I was so Posty last night.
by swanyy May 30, 2017
The worst word known in the unofficial English dictionary. Posty has many offensive undertones involving race, gender/sex, and religion. This word isn't something you should just throw around.
Tony: Fuck You!
Mike: Stop being a posty dude.
by HewTV November 18, 2020
My boy posty just released a new ep
by Lovethatformyself September 9, 2018
An erection, woody, boner, stiffy, hard on, etc...
I got a posty when she took off her shirt.
by Wolfeh March 21, 2004
Posty is a kind person and is a part of a team called the blue gang
Posty is a kind hearted person
by Super Coopz June 25, 2019
Posty, a nickname for Post Malone or his real name Austin Richard Post, is what pretty much all his fans and friends call him. He even refers to himself as Posty because he is Young Stoney and he does what he wants.
Guy: “Yo have you heard of Posty?”
Girl: “Yeah he’s fire!”
by postylover November 11, 2019