mullet. Post men grow their hair like this so that their necks don't get sun burnt.
Man, check out the posty on that squiff zeph mother fucker!
by worm September 19, 2003
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An appallingly bad golfer that loses it completely because their crap game is talked about.
Don't mention the triple bogey to that guy. He is a complete Postie
by Denn1s May 19, 2008
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Glitch in a chat or instant message program that makes chat posts fail to appear.

Origin: Bazooka Joe-era kids' joke or riddle, "What do spooks have for breakfast?" Answer: "Ghost Toasties and Vanishing Cream" (after Post Toasties corn flake cereal).
"I'm going to have to switch screen names; I have the ghost posties. My comments aren't appearing."
by Trog2FdUp2C1 May 25, 2009
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1. Noun: (most common) nicotine rips mainly after a meal or other receptor priming activity
2. Noun: (less common) any ceremonious use of drugs after an important event
1. That Taco Bell slapped, can I hit your juul to take some posties?
2. that pregame was hype, I have some blow, anyone trying to rip posties?
by Suhdudeyonder July 15, 2021
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A word used by the upperclass RPers at Fire Emblem Planet Forums. Often used as a cute way of saying, "Post in the RP, you loser!"
k00r00, plz posties in fite?!?!?! =)
by KuruChan April 11, 2005
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Posty, a nickname for Post Malone or his real name Austin Richard Post, is what pretty much all his fans and friends call him. He even refers to himself as Posty because he is Young Stoney and he does what he wants.
Guy: “Yo have you heard of Posty?”
Girl: “Yeah he’s fire!”
by postylover November 10, 2019
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