The beak, the chicken, aka “the farm animal belonging to big J

Poshy does what others typically expect, eat pieces of cheese and seeds and flaps her wings when agitated or excited.

Poshy can often be seen with Willybone or playing on junior’s (junifer) phone or even making tik toks

If junior only got over his huge ego then maybe he could still be a good parent to the beak
Poshy is often credited for junior’s songs or lyrics that he himself invents, but it’s mostly to pay tribute to the beak since most of J’s songs are about her or if not then hoshna

Jack poshy would start shakin’ all is taken
It’s some poachijuana in the makin’

Poachys breakfast like scrambled eggs and bacon

Kap spills the drink o she’s still ill drinker

ill thinker

Exploding’ when da Poachy hits da I——-

Poshy is as important to junior b’s entire persona, image and creative direction as it gets tied, likely tied with wheezly

A chicken named Poshy, nuff said
by Wankers rage January 20, 2022
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1) Ahead of ones time with fashion and lifestyle. 2)Attracting extreme attention based on uniqeness and a ability to stand out. 3) Thinking rich and looking richer.
"Wow your dress is amazing, your hair is on point.. you look so poshy."

"That girl is so posh"

"Who are you poshing for? You trynna get a man?"
by Full Course Meal June 2, 2006
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Mastubation performed in the ultra-safe manner of using a condom.
John was bored one day, so he decided to have a Poshy and put on a jonny & shake hands with the one-eyed milkman

by PabloPablo January 31, 2006
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Poshy for one of them

Poshies for a gaggle of them

A insult for a rich person, basically someone with a lot of money and they are rich and usually spoiled
That Poshy is over there!
by Castaway_lillypad May 26, 2023
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Term used to describe the smell from wearing work pants for too long, the back part of the pants begin to smell of stale trumps and poo. Similar to Tracky Wiff but in posher pants.
by Winnie Warbles July 19, 2010
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To masterbate with a condom on. also known as... poshie, posh wank, jimmp cap special, and as dan sez...'a royal wank'
ere, last nite i had a poshy
by AkaKray March 7, 2003
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