Sexual intercourse, usually used to describe said act as served to a man by a woman. Made famous by the British comedian 'Jethro'.
I was round the back of the chip shop in Bodmin and the owner's daughter popped out and gave me a portion.
by recruitingofficer October 7, 2005
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1. Noun: The amount of weed you have bought is your portion.

2. Verb: To portion is to divide weed between people.
1. That was an amazing portion, we got 50 joints out of it.

2. Shall we portion out the weed man? I've gotta go in a minute
by Aidan Brooks June 1, 2005
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Term for collective things between couples.
From kissing to mastubating to oral sex all the way through to full sex.
Used to be unspecific about whats gne on

To have portions on someone>
Did you have portions?
What kind?
Just kissing.
by Jellybean October 3, 2003
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the portion of pie is good
by sharks28 October 27, 2016
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Not entirely, but slightly something.
I'm only portionally a Jew.
by hmose January 24, 2010
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A larger than normal portion of food - usually including chorizo and/or bacon.

Used heavily by Jamie Spafford and other YouTube Stars of SORTEDFOOD
“That’s a lot of food... she/he seems to be going for Spaff portions
by KhaleesiofRivia March 7, 2021
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Be jealous of the meal that other people have in a restaurant when comparing to your own meal. It happens mostly in a situation where you order something new while your friends stick to what they know to be good or vise versa.
"I'm having the shrimp cocktail for a starter. I want to try something new although a caesar salad that you guys are having might cause me to have Portion jealousy."
by Ooks April 23, 2013
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