1. A row of blue portable toilets.

2. Expensive escorts bought by rich Arab and European men to go on "yacht parties" for $30,000+ a piece. In reality these women are brought onto these boats to get shit and pissed on, hence the name Porta Potties.

Its easy to identify one of these women by the pictures they post on Facebook. If a friend of the female kind is always posting pictures of shopping sprees in Dubai and has a folder with nothing but pictures of her and friends on a yacht drinking champagne in any UAE or St. Tropez area she is a Porta Potty.

Fun Fact!: Some well known Porta Potties work at the Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas.
Jane: "Did you see Tiffany's new watch/car/handbag/shoes? She just came back from a trip to Abu Dhabi and looks great!"

JoAnna: "I'm so jealous. How does she even afford those things? I've never seen her work a day in her life."

John: "She's one of those Porta Potties. Guys shit on her face."
by A Porta Potty March 7, 2012
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1. A portable bathroom

2. Place where two people can have a lot of fun but be careful because it often tips over (historically with PHD)
Oh no, the porta potty is tipped over. those two must have a little too much fun. o wait someone's crawling out!!
by patelbros January 27, 2010
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This really gross green box that is filled with old shit, and is usually found in the very back of anything. Similar to an outhouse, although it's portable.
outhouse porta-potty
by HUFFULUMPAGUS November 20, 2013
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1. Portable toilets used by Americans and other nations to remove one's wastes
2. Secret government time-machines disguised as porta-potties
1. "Thank god this concert had a porta-potty"
2. "The government is hunting me down ever since i stepped into their porta-potty
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An Instagram influencer who travels to Dubai to get pooped on by wealthy Arab men for large sums of money.
Seeing that she had no brand deals on Instagram, Yulia concluded the only way the influencer could pay for her trip was by becoming a Dubai Porta Potty.
by Altruisticriminal December 26, 2022
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The level of thottiness that a hoe reaches when she commits an unholy act in an unconventional place just because the person has any type of clout.
Guy #1: Hey you heard Emily sucked off Brad in a porta potty?
Guy #2: Yeah she’s a big porta potty thot!
by Bay Babe January 23, 2020
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Taking a shit in someone’s microwave and setting it on hi for ten minutes.
The party was fun until Greg left a hot porta potty and it cleared out the house.
by TheLt January 13, 2018
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