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Yulia is generally the name of a Russian girl, who wins the heart of every person that she meets. She is strong, patient, and strong willed. She demands your utmost attention. She is loved! She is cherished! Yulia is incredibly intelligent and can accomplish anything that she sets her mind too.
Girl 1: “ Wow, did you meet that girl thats organizing her own sorority?”

Girl 2: “ Ya! I thought she was great, I think she's Yulia.”
by Specife April 21, 2010
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Yulia is a Russian/Italian girl who loves reading and inspiring people. She is shy at first, but when you get to meet her, you'll discover she is very chatty and crazy. Yulia is beautiful and intelligent. She is often blond, or a light brownette. Yulia is strong and athletic, she attract boys althought she may think she is not special. Yulia has a strong will power, and when she gets a new idea she'll never give up. This kind of girls like Yulias are kind and soft, but they still know how to fight and may be agressive! So be careful!
Yulia is used to name beautiful and intelligent girls who are strong and have a great will power
by Annabell Swon May 22, 2018
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A russian girl, who loves attention, Yulias love to hang around a lot of boys, most Yulias have about 5 different boyfriends a year.
Guy: "K that girl pisses me of"
Guy2: "Why?"
Guy: "She always want attention from guys by flaunting her tits"
Guy2: "Oh what a Yulia!"
by KorDug June 15, 2009
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some crazy girl from Uzbekistan. she tends to impersonate crows and try to attract dogs that by going oogaaa oooggaaa. she also bites people and shoves her friends in lakes to impress boys.
'how did a crow get into the class?'
'thats not a crow, its just Yulia '
'that explains the bite marks...'
by lalalalabored August 28, 2008
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