"Hey Cheri how was the Tech N9NE concert?"

"It was all Abu Dhabi"
by Technician6688846993 May 1, 2012
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Capital of the horrendously powerful federation, United Arab Emirates. Has the country's largest oil reserves, that lead a very powerful economy there. Not as progressive/explosive as Dubai, but a very beautiful and prosperous city nonetheless. Mentioned in the "Garfield and Friends" cartoon when Garfield threatened Nermal with the famous "I'm going to ship you to Abu Dhabi!"
Preson 1: "I went to the UAE on vacation. Although I spent most of my time in Dubai, I checked Abu Dhabi out too because it is the seat of government there, and a beautiful city"

Person 2: "That place sounds familiar! I know, Garfield always talked about it on his cartoon!"
by W.C's own June 25, 2006
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It is what the one who invented Ali Ali says. If you say Ali Ali, it is appropriate to say abu dhabi either before you say it, or after you say it. If you are singing a song, and you include abu dhabi, please use either Ali Ali or domino in the song as well.
by Abu Dhabi man October 4, 2007
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Abu Dhabi chamaks are people that hang out with there so called gang at corniche, marina or galleria. They are usually really thin and act like they are buff and strong. They also think they can beat anyone up and usually find bulling people weaker then them as fun. They will randomly throw gang signs and are the biggest clout chasers. You can find them wearing supreme, Bape and other hypebeast stuff
lets not go there abu dhabi chamaks hang out there
by deanonymousman February 12, 2020
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A school located in abu dhabi.
School full of gays since the school prohibites seeing the opposite gender
"Yo you used to study in The model school abu Dhabi
"Ya it was so gay"
by Ratass69 April 21, 2022
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AIS stands for Abu Dhabi international prvt school, with a bunch of depressed gay people running around being extremely cringe. Take joking way too far and never not joking around. Talking to the opposite sex is gay
You hung out with girls and not with boys you must be in Abu Dhabi international prvt school
by everyusernameistakenhelp October 30, 2018
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A school where people that are LGBT go to, consists of faggots and a few cool people mixed in. It is known for its abbreviation of AISA this is used because the kids in the school lack grammar skills to say American International School Of Abu Dhabi
I go to American International School Of Abu Dhabi so im gay
by AISA Director October 29, 2018
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