The act of one individual placing a strap-on dildo on his/her head, lubricating it with Dr. Bronner's all natural menthol spearmint soap, and proceeding to penetrate his/her partner's asshole. It is preferred for the "rhino" to penetrate at a full running charge. Technically speaking, this is a modified screwnicorn.
Ooooooo-weeeeeee! Damn that spearmint rhino was refreshing. It's like my asshole just brushed it's teeth.
by Wild Hog February 23, 2011
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the act of performing anal after receiving a peppermint fattie
my girlfriend was giving me a peppermint fattie and i rolled her over and gave her a spearmint rhino
by the bear man February 9, 2011
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Classy, Elegant, Beautiful, Loving, Elite, Premier, Sign Thread.
“Man, I love to take pictures for the lads down at the Spearmint Pink Rhino
by rawrjay May 17, 2010
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