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Noun: one who porks.
I porked my girlfriend last night, so I guess that makes me a porker.
by Analsworth March 06, 2021
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Classification of an obese person that
has no will to help themselves lose weight.
"Hey check it out, that PORKER sure is puttin those three woppers away pretty easy!"
by shoVel July 20, 2004
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An extremely obese person (often one who has no intention of doing anything about their weight).
"Look at that porker! He looks like he's just emptied all the fast food restaurants in town!"
by Takoti August 17, 2005
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The name for a person who is on the rather large side of life.
if you push your cheeks to the front of your face with your hands it will turn you into a porker!
by greg stocker October 30, 2006
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