Noun: one who porks.
I porked my girlfriend last night, so I guess that makes me a porker.
by Analsworth March 7, 2021
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Classification of an obese person that
has no will to help themselves lose weight.
"Hey check it out, that PORKER sure is puttin those three woppers away pretty easy!"
by shoVel July 21, 2004
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Man that Ross kid is such a fucking porker!
by Sackflapper May 7, 2019
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A rude name for a fat person
"I was an absolute porker before I started hitting the gym."
by Suburbanz71 November 19, 2017
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Noun: A word for someone who is accused of sexually mollesting animals. For example, someone who raped a dog (got milkboned) would be a porker. Someone who raped a pig (got porked by a pig) would also be a porker. Used most popularly as an insult.
I heard she was so desparate that she got milkboned by her dog! What a porker!
by Kitty January 25, 2005
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Anyone who lives in Newburyport, MA and supports the Clippers. Rude and stuck up sports players who don't play by the rules
Dude! We're gunna WRECK those Porkers!
by a-town4lyfe January 7, 2010
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A fat fuck that will never amount to anything in life. Born from the most hick family, a Porker can mate with his equally fat sister. Also, inspiring to be DJ Skippy (a no name Disc Jockey that is equally a waste of life as a Porker) the Porker spins the mixes from the 80's, 90's, and today. A Porker also tends to get pointless tattoos that only make his rotund appearance more fustrating to the normal human being. A Porker is a drain on the human race and needs to be eliminated to ensure a better looking human species. (similar to blacks and jews)
"Yo that kid Justin Winters is a real Porker"
by Alvis Snow May 13, 2010
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