Illuminat is a secret orginization said to be controlling most of media such as music gaming and news.
When your fucking paranoid friend tells you about another Gay-z rumor about him doing the illuminati hands and some bs and some stupid triangle in a musicvideo what do you do. 1. kill your friend befor he spreads the truth. 2. take him to therapy. 3. or sacrifice him for fame and peenuts
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the people in charge of creating the dictionary entry wordJillian's Tits/word
we have created jillian's tits. nothing can stop us now.
by Anonymous March 16, 2003
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a cult that smokes weed,360 no scopes noobs and worships a dorito with a eye
by a potatoman June 4, 2018
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An ancient, disbanded organization that people claim to be behind an ongoing conspiracy. What people claim that they are behind today is something that they were actually against back when they existed. Many people believe that the Illuminati is represented by a triangle with an eye in the center, known as the all-seeing eye. Conspiracy theories are sometimes tied to this eye, but their real symbol is actually an owl.
PlayStation 4? Xbox 1? 4-1=3? A triangle is 3 sides. What do the owners of both the companies have? Eyes. Triangle? Eyes? SONY AND MICROSOFT ARE ILLUMINATI!!!!!
by AreialInferno December 12, 2014
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Historically known as the Bavarian Illuminati. An enlightenment era secret society that started on May the 1st 1776 in Ingolstadt at The Electorate of Bavaria holy roman empire by a law professor named Johann Adam Weishaupt. They were a political secret society not a group of scientists as Dan Brown fangirls claim since they don't do their actual research.
Fangirl of Dan Brown: I'm educated on the Illuminati conspiracy because I've read a book written by my favourite author Danny boy the pide piper.
Historical Skeptic: uhhhh no the Illuminati are a Bavarian secret society founded by a law Professor named Johann Adam Weishaupt on May Day 1776 at the University of Ingolstadt.
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An ancient secret brotherhood dedicated to fucking up the lives of paranoid people around the world
My psychiatrist prescribed Risperidone, but I suspect that this is just some sneaky Illuminati-plot to get rid of me, since I am heir to the throne of Denmark
by Baron Adeler June 29, 2011
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