After a tough day of work, it feels good to come home and popoff.

oh man, that girl last night was so hot, i popoffed all in her face.

Keep on poppin off.
by Wicked Shadow March 22, 2009
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Cheap liquor. Tastes and smells like rubbing alchlohol. Real easy to get drunk with.
Girl: can i have some?
Guy: yeah sure.
Girl: uugh! what is that?
Guy: pop off.

SHit, pass tha pop off. I can't feel my legs!
by Coach Pfeff August 14, 2006
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Post Office Protocols off
We are looking forward to the end of our round delivering letters with the Royal Mail and to having a bit of fun with our computers, so you can pop off
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Tom: β€œWhat do you think about Aaron?”
Daniel: β€œI don’t like him much, he’s a Pop Off.”
by Kefeuso123 September 13, 2020
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1. Telling someone to go away, usually used aggressively

2. Fighting someone

3. Telling someone to rant

4. Telling someone to calm down
1. Pop Off my twitter feed sis

2. I'm about to pop off on you sis

3. He broke up with you? Pop off sis

4. Hey pop off sis! It's all good!
by ben ben bo en August 31, 2018
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