A style and way of life that revolves around throwing caution to the wind and being true to yourself, even if the outcome is messy. Strongly influenced by grunge and punk.
You look so reckless! You're such a baddie... Do you care what anybody thinks of you?

You have a reckless style... It's kind of intimidating, but looks super cool!
by StoryBehindTheCloth January 13, 2022
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a person who acts crazy, or unpredictable. also used to describe a group of people together doing crazy things.
Damn, look at reckless rick over there.
by treeman Vietnam September 7, 2011
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Weird Canadian that does nice stuff for me.
Me- "Hey reckless, make me this car skins"
Reckless- "Kys. Jk ok I will... <3"
by Spam Korben March 9, 2019
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The name of a proposed raustrant just like Hooters except that all the waitresses are totally naked and the have live porn and porn movie night.
The first one is planned to open in Las Vagas.
Letls go eat a the Reckless across the street.
by The Fury 13 October 21, 2010
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-1 a person whos actions are putting the people around him in harms way

2- acting very stupid

3- in a state of dangerous stupidity
1- Damn, this nigga Jeff was actin mad reckless took out his knife and started swinging that shyt lke he was tryin to catch a fly.

2- This nigga Heff acting mad reckless, its probally dat big ass lip.

3- Oh shyt nigga, stop being reckless watch where you point that shyt.
by Angel Reyes February 22, 2005
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dont givee a fuck party till the sun comes up live life to fullest cause u only get one shot
the one and only reckless jim: j-sam
by jake sakeeee July 27, 2010
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1. Someone who just dgafs so hard that its crazy.

2. An adjective used to describe someone named Rick.

3. A word used to describe someone that is just crazy and makes everyone else SAFO.
Reckless Rick just told Kenyon to go suck a hind tit! God damn Rick is Reckless!
by eatdirterrrriiicccc September 8, 2011
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