A derogatory word for a transgender male. Derived from the word “Poon” meaning a woman’s vagina.
I think Ayden is a pooner, he’s too short to be a cis man.
by Mawzie January 7, 2022
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Pooner is the word for a non-passing trans man, opposite of a hon
It comes from the word poon which is another word for vagina.

Pooners are short usually under 5'6, have extremely wide hips and narrow shoulders.
they wear ear gauges and nose rings and can be often found on r/FTMfemininity, r/ftmpunished, tik tok and just about any popular social media.
Look at elliot over there, hes such a pooner.

You don't pass at all bro, you look like a pooner.
by funnydog August 16, 2021
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Noun: Someone that is a party pooper. No fun to have around.
Verb: To poon out. To drop out of a momentous group activity to the detriment of others.
"We're all cancelling our trip to Vegas because of Frank? What a pooner!"
"Don't invite JT. He's a pooner. He'll totally talk through the whole movie."
"So it looks like Steve's pooning out. What a pussy."
"Pete was going to bring the beer, but his wife found out so he totally pooned out. What a pooner."
by Basque JRED November 10, 2014
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An ftm transgender. It refers to his poon.
"That lil pooner just got a new binder and he's crying with happiness."
by mandelaeffectgoober January 28, 2022
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A rare breed of people that poon everything and everyone.
They also use the faces of poon which are the following..
O_O O_o o_O o_o O_O!
Chris and Mike are pooners.
by Mike The Pooner November 18, 2005
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n: a person who has fallen into a comatose like state from the consumption of large amounts of alcohol.

see also: Poonin
* "Julie is sitting in on her couch after 8 shots of smirnoff in a row. She begins to feel quite dizzy after enduring a long, yet pointless conversation. All of a sudden, she somehow passes out, smashes her head with a loud thud off of the table, bounces to the floor landing in an awkward position, and just sleeps."

Amber: AHAHAHAAH!! did you guys just see that?! That was fucking hilarious!!!

Laura: haha yeah man, that's Ju for ya.

Christine: Wow... what a pooner!
by ae123456 January 15, 2009
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A dark hole people can get sucked into. It also creates and echo.
Joey ran into the pooner and he was never seen again.
by fuck face bitch October 16, 2007
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