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Japanese for "What?"

You're always hearing this in anime and reading it in manga, and it's basically a simple response to anything confusing, offensive, or mysterious.

Can be used in virtually any situation. Plus you sound all cosmopolite if you can speak in Japanese.
1) "Nani?"
Trans: I beg your pardon?

2) "Nani?!"
T: Did you just say what I think you said?!

3) "Nani kore?"
T: What is this?

4) "Nani..."
T: This is all so mysterious and intriguing...I wonder what it all could mean.

have fun.
by noflo June 19, 2004
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Guy: Your fists are about as strong as a mosquito's
Kenshiro: Omae wa mou shindeiru
Guy: NANI?
*Ear rape noises*
by dank pepe October 23, 2017
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"What" in Japanese.
P1: Omae wa mou shindeiru (You are already dead)

P2: Nani! (What!)
by xXSunlightBlaze420Xx November 02, 2017
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Meaning 'what' in Japanese. It's the reaction to 'omae wa mou shinderiu", which means 'you are already dead'. This is a catchphrase that the lead character Kenshiro says. Usually an ear rape would fall right after.
2: nani
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Nani is Inukitut (the language of the Inuit in Northern Canada) means "Where?"
As his hunting buddy yells: I spot a "Tuktu! (Caribou)".

He quickly replied: "Nani?! (Where?!)"
via giphy
by Arctistic May 01, 2018
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