Slang for someone who stinks like shit or has terrible drip.

Often associated with the term “ya pooey”.
“Angus you pooey cunt, your drip is Terrible”
“Fuck up angus you are so pooey, I can smell you from here”
by Diz 😼 July 9, 2021
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What you yell out usually because you need to shit badly or you need to go to the bathroom. Usually said in a low but loud way.
by XxCharchiexX December 13, 2019
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Someone or something that doesn't like to have a go at something in life.
Oh come on mate! Have a crack for once, don't be pooey!
by DollarBart June 9, 2023
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An occupation/trade that involves directly handling human faeces. Often with the use of pipes and pumps, a pooey's job is to clear a certain area of poo. Pooey apprenticeships last 4 years and have often been described by workers as the shittiest years of their career
Hey Sharon, this joint stinks like shit!

Yeah looks like the Pooey took a day off today

Jeez Sharon there is a lot of shit around this joint
Yeah looks like they're going to need a Master Pooey and his 3rd year Pooey apprentice for this job
by Pooey69 February 15, 2018
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Noun. Something that stinks.
Something that is a bummer.
"I can't go out tonight, guys."
"Aww, that's a pooey."
by Flanabanana December 11, 2009
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a word meaning, unfair, shit, fuck....a word that can be used instead of swearing and can be used infront of parents it also pisses my friend off
aww pooey thats not fair
joey: well you cant have it!! haha
gertrude: (sad face) pooey
by daeiisy November 8, 2006
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Pooey is a word used to describe something that sucks. It comes from the word pooh because it's smelly and gross.
That idea was pooey because it stinks.
by notusingmyname February 17, 2009
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