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Pokemones are Chilean youth outfitted with the latest clothing and technological gadgets. Their look is androgynous and exaggerated: clad in low-slung, tight-fitting jeans, both boys and girls wear multiple piercings, dyed and waxed hair, and thick black eyeliner. They have their own Web sites, even their own slang
We're not for anything, but we're not against anything, either—well, except our parents getting mad at us for being Pokemones
by sharen miche May 13, 2008
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Pokemone is the name of an urban tribe among Chile's youth that surfaced in the late 2000s. They are readily identifiable by their angular and pressed hairstyles, reminiscent of characters from the Japanese media franchise Pokémon. It is currently one of the largest and better known urban tribes in the country.

Pokemones dress similarly to other tribes, such as Otaku and Emo, but they are not followers of anime like the former, nor share the musical tastes of the latter. Pokemones are livelier and extroverted. During parties they dance to reggaeton music, while kissing and groping with as many people (male or female) as they can, which they call poncear. They make extensive use of the Internet, trading photos of themselves on image-sharing sites like Fotolog and communicating through MSN Messenger.

Pokemones are usually from the Chilean middle and lower class. They are frequently juxtaposed against another group, the so-called peloláis, well-to-do girls with long, straight fairer hair from private, Catholic schools.
Does n e 1 else hope Pokemones take over 1st World Countries?
by Ash 'Satoshi' Ketchum November 24, 2008
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