1.) Qwertyuiop backward.
2.) A word meaning good luck. It is recommended to write this on your hand during difficult situations.
3.) A mythology war hero that defeated his enemies in battle.
4.) The god of good luck and root canals.
5.) A king that lives in the 3,924 dimension.
6. Any mixture of the previous definitions
"Poiuytrewq be with you!"
by Poiuytrewq be with you! June 4, 2019
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The top line of a โ€œqwertyโ€ keyboard Backwards
You: wacha doin

Zane: nm, u Wanna play?

You: nah, imma search โ€œpoiuytrewqโ€. Dunno why. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
by Zaneismyurbundictionryname February 24, 2021
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The word that mysteriously appears on your screen after vacuuming your keyboard.
I was just doing some vacuum dusting of my computer keyboard and I looked up and found the word poiuytrewq on my screen.
by kcpdx2 July 19, 2020
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This is qwertyuiop typed backwards. Similarly, it is entered into Google when the user is at a stage in which he is classified as 'bored'.

Poiuytrewq is, however, for the slightly more adventerous people willing to try something else as opposed to the conventional: "asdfghjkl". It represents a new low in boredom for the subject.
Google Search: 'poiuytrewq'
by Penlidx September 11, 2009
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When you are bored then you typed /.,mnbvcxzasdfghjkl;'\poiuytrewq`1234567890-= but you used the Shift key.
by jonathan8684 June 26, 2018
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