typo of the word people made by people who type too fast and don't reread the FREAKIN' WORK!!! (because who cares?)
*writing assignment*: ...when poeple went into the jungle...
me: ok all done
teacher: there you go here's an FFFFF
by SlamB36 May 11, 2018
(n)Creatures of the night summoned by college students with an extreme caffene deficiency that are trying to write a paper on another culture
Man, whenever I try to sleep, those freakin' poeple come after me
by Cthos September 18, 2004
Poeple, romers and homepagemen, you are causing cause for concern with overt netphrases!
by Hercolena Oliver August 27, 2009
A discord server full of cool people plus some exceptions.
Soo People Poeple am I right? Wonder which one of them is the exception?
by WikitX December 10, 2020
Poepl are so irratating now...
by HardlyKatie May 13, 2022
The shell of "people," which arose in the 21st century as a modern substitute for real human beings. A "poeple" is a human conglomerating traits that they think they should be, rather than finding and becoming the niche that they naturally are. Poeple arose in the 21st century as technological increases introduced the ability for rapid competitive comparison and top-down pressure on society's individuals to live up to ideal standards in all realms of life.
A: "Didn't you hear, Brad can bench 250"
B: "Yea but if you push him with one finger he'll fall over. He can't run 100 meters. Guy's a poeple."
by connoram January 22, 2022