Podcasting referes to pushing an audio file via an RSS feed to listener who subscribes to that feed from a podcatching program such as iPodder, Doppler, or Jager.

The Podcast can be anything from a pre-recorded song to a polished audio show of your making.
Woman, don't bother me, i'm podcasting...Get me a beer.
by Todd Higginbotham November 6, 2004
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Any topic or situation that is worth turning into a podcast.
Dario: "Didn't you know that Mozart was a freemason? Actually, many big politicians are freemasons, for example..."

Elena: "Wow! This is podcastable... let's start recording!
by elenhtari October 10, 2009
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An online audio blog. Term invented by Adam Curry. A broadcast file which is commonly downloaded on an iPod or other MP3 hardware for mobile listening. Can also be played directly from your computer.
Their weekly podcast, Pop Goes The Culture, covered popular culture topics of the day.
by Susie Watson March 28, 2005
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An audio or video file that is downloaded to a users computer (usally) automatically by using RSS or Live Bookmarks.
When a users enters a website that is linked to a podcast, they may see one or two orange icons, they may see xml or rss or a little circle with lines comming out from it. The user can subscribe to the RSS feed or "feed" by telling an RSS Reader to watch the RSS Feed and tell the user if there is an update, in which cast the user can download the Podcast.
The iTunes media player also has Podcast and RSS support built in, the user can go onto the "Podcast Directory" and select as many or as little podcast feeds as he or she wants. There are also other Podcast readers such as "Democracy TV".
A: Dude listen to my Podcast!
B: Cool where is the RSS Feed?!
A: RS- What
B: Then it isn't a podcast
by GrayApple May 14, 2006
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three idiots

The podcasters? Those idiots who

by Ellyy_ January 2, 2023
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Trend whore for "streaming audio."

Even more deserving of condescending laughter, I have even seen simple downloadable .mp3 files featuring opinionated human voice referred to as "podcasts."
Sheep1: hay guys check out my podcast. I made it last night, it's my thoughts on animal husbandry and the geopolitical issues that surround it!!
Person1: *Downloads an .mp3 file*
by FooberFoober September 15, 2005
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