Means rich is spanish but is also a male name. Dario is a passionate being with whom you can discover the world. Very talkative, sometimes in his sleep too. He loves life, is dynamic and very handsome. His name means rich because he has a heart of gold.
Dario is so smart and sexy I want to make love to him every day
by Linda di Suza March 7, 2018
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A very sexy european or latino badboy gentleman with enough game to fill an olympic sized pool and enough class to get a 9.0 GPA.
Every girl wants to end up with a Dario.
by SenorFrijoles November 25, 2009
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The guy who took everything from you.
by CobaltBoy March 12, 2020
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Darios are playful creatures, they likes teasing other people.
They seem peaceful on the surface but you never know the turmoil going on beneath it. Sometimes is happiness, sometimes is anger, most of the times it just ends up with them being tremendously sexy.
Darios are like rocks, you can rely on them to resist any challenge. Cherish your Dario, they are not easy to replace!
I can't believe I am with a Dario right now, it's simply overwhelming; too much Latino-ess in just one person
by eco_terror February 7, 2010
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Means a person Rich in love, faith, and is guillibe. He has to work hard in order to get the ladies. Once he works hard wether physically, mentally or both he can get them. He is Rich in love, faith, stubbornness, persistence, and way with the ladies.
by DefinitionMidW November 1, 2016
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Dario, is a smart, educated, and intelligent young man. He’s one of the nicest guys that you’ll ever meet. If you run into him, then he’ll treat you with the respect you deserve. He is and would make a good friend. He is amazing in every way. And when he smiles, he’ll bright up your day.
Boy: There go my boy, Dario!
by ZakFunny March 14, 2022
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