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Po(go) + Da (him) = Poda ( get lost (man/boy ))
A term used to refer a male, telling him to, go away/get lost

Especially if the alternate person doesn't agree with him or if the alternate person wishes to ignore him
Often used with a Ne(you) in the beginning.

Origin: South India and Srilanka
Ram: You should have brought the hat with you.
Achu: Ne Poda, it's not that sunny.
by Induloveschanbaek May 03, 2018
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The mixture of the word Soda and Pop.
Him: I call it Pop
Her: I call it Soda
Them: Lets just call it Poda (:
by xXViaXx December 06, 2010
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A person that typically does not tip well, or at all. I.e doesn't "pour down" the cash. Said people are also usually rude and/or obnoxious.
"Fuck, I got sat with podas at table 5."
"You mean those black people?"
by Mr Unsuspectful May 12, 2010
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To randomly ask a cow or related species to get lost in South Asia
Man, " Please poda you humble bovine "
Cow " What ??. i'll bloody not"
Man " oh well"
by ReX19934 January 09, 2014
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"My roomate gave me a bedtime... at 10:30...what a PODA!"

"Who ever of us has a kid first will name that kid PODA. Because if we have kids, they are definatly PODAs!"
by Madalaine November 03, 2005
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