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1. (v) - a play on the phrase describing the method to start a lawnmower, a suck start is a blowjob begun while the dick is still flaccid but differs in that it does not continue until completion and that it's primary purpose is to assist in achieving an erection.

Similar to: pull start, fuck start, start from scratch
She wanted to get down so I told her, "Baby, you know this law mower is a suck start, so get to it."
by D. Ward May 05, 2010

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(n) A game played by younger generations. The game is called “pockets”. The rules are simple. If you see someone with their both hands in their pockets, you punch them in the chest.
I was looking for my iPOD when someone playing pockets punched me in the chest.
by D. Ward May 05, 2010

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1. (v) a play on the phrase used to describe the method of starting a lawmower, pull start refers to a hand job begun while the a dick is flaccid. Unlike a hand job, a pull start does not continue until completion.
1. She wanted to get down so she gave me a pull start.
by D. Ward May 05, 2010

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1. (v) a play on the method used to start certain smaller combustion engines like a lawnmower (pull-start), a fuck start is starting your day by waking up and fucking away the tiredness.

Similar: wake up sex

2. (v) to achieve an erection through attempted intercourse with a flaccid dick.

Similar: hot dogging with no erection (yet), an ambiguation of the term pull start and the phrase suck start

Both variations of fuck start are considered a start from scratch
1. I feel pretty alert awake this morning after that fuck start I got from my girl.

2. To get me goin', my girl gave me a fuck start and THEN we were in business.
by D. Ward May 05, 2010

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(n) A racial slur typically used to describe a Mexican who has managed to fit themselves and 30 other Mexicans inside a vehicle who's capacity is intended for far fewer occupants.

This could be in the context of transporting illegal immigrants across a border, transporting workers to a job site, or taking the whole family to the swap meet.
I watched a border patrol dash-cam video of 15 brown clowns jumping out of a mini van on youtube the other day. That shit was SO funny.
by D. Ward May 04, 2010

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