Noun: A person who engages in the process of pocketing. A person who has been pocketed by someone else often chooses to pocket another person in a sort of competition among pocketers who try to steal the most pockets. Pocketers label the pockets which they have stolen and keep them as a sort of trophy.
Jack, Mike, and Kyle are all pocketers trying to steal Neil's pockets.
Jack thinks that he is a better pocketer than Kyle because he has more pockets than Kyle.
Kyle was disappointed after pocketing Tyler because he was not able to keep the pocket.
by Forest Prefontaine May 2, 2008
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The middle pocket of your apron where you keep your pens. Can also put your rubber ducks there if you don't want any French girls stealing them.

Also known as the "Holy Pocket" by some. Anything you put in it is 100% safe from others. The perfect repellant.
Me: *reaches in middle pocket*
French Girl: "Why are your hands in your no no pocket? Ewwwwwwwwwww. Groooooooossssss!"
Me: "I have two words: Cash. Office." *winks*
French Girl: *visible disgust*
by Lead Bud 123 May 11, 2021
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Adjective used to describe a person whose shirt pocket has been ripped off in the process of pocketing. Often, someone who has been pocketed also chooses to engage in the process of pocketing others.
Michael was pocketed so many times that he no longer has any pockets on his school uniforms.
Michael is now a pocketer who attempts ensure that others are pocketed because he is jealous of their abundance of pockets.
by Forest Prefontaine May 2, 2008
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When two or more people play musical instruments together, with or without a vocal accompaniment and are perfectly on-beat, never missing a note or going off tempo in any way.

The Expression "in the pocket" most commonly refers to the musical genres of jazz, blues, bluegrass and flamenco.
"Wow.. have you heard Django Reinhardts minor swing? The whole song is in the pocket!"

"Man, the Tolga Quartet are really in the pocket tonight"

by guitarguru13 August 20, 2007
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When you’re trying to flex on someone but really you broke as shit.

To have no blue faces to your name.
“Damn dude brought his girls buggy to work again instead of his Maro’?”

“He’s trying to save gas he gots No Pockets!”
“Let’s go to lunch?, nah I brought my lunch today.” -“No pockets!”
by NeetzBeatzCheekz January 17, 2019
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Similar to a Groove The place in a piece of music where the beat sits to create groove. Without a pocket, there is no groove.
Wow, that drummer plays a big pocket

Don't break the pocket!
by Funkydrummah July 29, 2010
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When you accidentally take something from someone else, or someone accidentally took something from you.
"Hey man you pocketed my lighter just now."
"My bad, it's a bad habit"

"When I got home I realized I pocketed your phone, mine looks exactly the same my bad"
"No problem bro"
by jgross212 June 5, 2013
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